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•We take you through what you need to know about how to master your own material

•Introduce you to techniques such as multiband compression and oversampled clipping.

•Recommend software and equipment tailored to what you need and your budget

•Work out a mastering chain that you can use immediately with your current equipment.


•Discover the ins and outs of mixing and learn the tools you need to make an audible difference to your own recordings.

•From the Basics of reverb and pan to more advanced topics such as parallel compression and mid/side techniques we can help you get a better sounding mix.


•A course run by Maryann and Michael who have had their scores played at festivals in Cannes, London, Berlin and San Francisco.

•Learn how to create moods and the importance of matching emotion in music to film.

•Practise on short films and other media provided by us.

•Learn how to get the most our of your orchestral sample package.


•Need help getting the most out of your DAW? We have a separate workstation for each.

•We take you through the basics first to create a solid base of knowledge and then introduce to more advanced areas to better your understanding and speed up your workflow.

•We email through notes on what you’ve learned so you know you won’t forget it!

‘The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.’

B.B. King


•Music theory for the electronic musician.

•Make the most out of your production skills and get a solid base of theory under your belt.

•Trained by Matt - himself a First Class graduate of contemporary music at the University of Gloucestershire. A degree founded by Tony Wadsworth of EMI.


•Struggling to get a good sound? We’ll go over mic placement , polar patterns , and look at the benefits of using certain mics over others.

•We give you ideas on how you can make an immediate difference and start creating your own unique sound.

•We will look at your current setup and see how you can get the most out of it.

Our aim is to encourage talent and help Leicester’s music scene thrive!

ManicMusic Productions ltd.
Manic Music is a production company with premises in Phoenix Square - right in the middle of Leicester’s cultural quarter!

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